Friday, December 6, 2013

Unemployment is Down

Well at least according to CNN. . . .

I would be thrilled if it was true but I doubt it.  All they have done is change how they calculate it now so it looks good for the sheep.

You see they count added jobs but don't bother to tell you how many are seasonal and or underemployed.

But the big lie is they don't count folks who have been out of work so long now that they are no longer collecting unemployment.  The .gov says they are no longer looking for work so they don't count.

Isn't that great?  If you can't find a job and it has been longer than the .gov says then you obviously don't want to work so they won't count you.  You don't exist any more.

Don't buy it.  Unemployment is still way up there folks.  Many folks have had to take temp jobs or part time just to try to pay the bills.  The Obama plan has done nothing to help us.  We need new folks in DC that will actually do something and get America back to work.

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