Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I weep for our young

I went to my daughters 8th grade class research presentation. They worked in teams of 4 and had to put up a display on their research on a topic they picked.

The good news - my daughter did Pearl Harbor - they called it "How the Japanese committed suicide in WWII". Did a good bit of research and could tell you all about it.

Next to them was a group for gun control. I was told to be good so only asked a few questions -
"Do you think taking away gun will make us safer? - answer - YES"
"What about the Second Amendment? Is that a problem? - Answer - yes, we need to get rid of guns, they are only for war"
"You think criminals won't have guns if we outlaw them? - Answer - Yes, it would be much safer"
I was told we needed to ban all the guns since they are only for war. . . . I wished them well and mentioned that it would be completely Un-Constitutional. . . . They didn't get it. . . .

They also thought the AWB was the best law we had and that most support it although it can't get renewed.

Talk about research, I am betting on maybe a half hour on the Brady web page and maybe an hour to make the display. . .

And I use to think we had a good school system here. Total failure to understand the subject or the Constitution.

ON the bright side there were many good presentations, two on Navy SeALs, one on Green Berets. They also had good ones on computer, ads, soda, the 60's and many others.

Overall it was fun, but there are some real fools out there. I thought we had better


Anonymous said...

What, you actually expected our public education system to teach our children about silly old things like the Constitution. Come now, you should know better - they need only know about the glorificousness that is our President!

JD said...

Well, we had a good school system here but it has gone down hill as they go up in the grade levels. I am going to make srue they learn what they need, the HS teachers will hate me = )