Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Mall Shooting

Another mall shooting.

Looks like this was an ex-boyfriend killing his ex and her new boyfriend. . . least that is the rumor at this point.  He most definitely was going for them as he went through the mall to a store on the second floor, shot the two of them then himself.  That is a sick person on a mission folks not random gun violence

And again in a gun free area.  Maryland is not exactly gun friendly.  They have plenty of those great gun control laws there. . . and again they did not work.

When are we going to learn that gun control does not work.

When are we going to stop blaming the gun and start looking at what we teach kids these days?  So you got broken up with. . . DEAL WITH IT and move on!  We are raising a generation or maybe two now thanks to the liberals that cannot deal with losing.  We have set ourselves up for this when we teach kids that everyone always wins, we don't keep score, and you are not responsible for anything you do - it is always someone else at fault.  Right from Obama on down this seems to be the Liberal way to think.  No respect for others, no self respect or personal responsibility.

We want to stop kids from doing this CRAP then it is time they learn a few things.  Like respect for others, respect for life, that they won't always win or get their way and that is OK.  How to deal with it when they don't win.

Then we will stop seeing this stuff.

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