Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gun Folks are Good Folks

Went down to the club today to do a one on one class for a friend so he could get his permit in MA. . . . dragged in my boxes of stuff for class and waited. . . and waited. . . . no show.  Meanwhile a number of folks showed up to use the indoor range.

First thing they do is ask if I am giving a class.  I tell them I am but it is only one on one so the range is open.  What do they do next?  Stick out a hand and introduce themselves.  We talk a bit then I get a reply to my text to my student that he lost my number but had a family emergency so would not be there.

I made one trip to the car to pack up stuff and when I came in for my next box the guys waiting to shoot comment "what are we doing just sitting here talking?  Let me help you. . ." and they grab the rest of my stuff and help me take it out saving a few trips.

I didn't have to ask, didn't say anything but THANK YOU.  Sure it only took a minute for them to help me out but they did it.

This is why I continue to have faith in gun folks.  Time and again they have shown themselves to be good folks.  They help out, they have manners, and they are friendly.  All those things we all use to be that seem to have fallen by the wayside as we become more isolated and politically correct these days.

So I will say it again - Gun folks are good folks!  Come join us and find out for yourself.  We are a friendly bunch, we will help you learn to shoot and most will let you try their guns if you show an interest and ask.  A good active club is a great way to meet good folks.

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