Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gun Class delayed due to car trouble. .

Well today I was going to do my first one on one class for a friend that wants to get his gun permit here in MA.  I have done three group classes at the club and been working with the kids rifle class but I have yet to do my own class for someone.

I was all set but then his car acted up so things are on hold for now. . . . oh well.

But anyway it gave me a good chance to get my act together for teaching.
  • I have got my hands on the training posters from the NRA for pistol and rifles.  
  • I have put together a few props to show the proper sight alignment with both standard signs and peep sights
  • I have the slides on my computer from the NRA and my gun club on Mass law
  • I have figured out how to print out the forms so they look good for his cert and the state paperwork
  • I have been messing with a LaserLyte trainer gun as I posted earlier to help
All and all it was a false start but it was a start.  I think I am getting there.  I hope to do the class soon and if it goes well I will be putting my name in at the local Police station as an instructor so I can start working with students in town.

Now if this state will just drop all the crazy laws they are looking at we will all set.  I am still going a bit nuts thinking about the foolish laws they want to pass.  None of which will help stop crime but will further prove gun folks are second class citizens in this state.  Our club still has a full house every month at the club class so folks are going for their permits. . . I just hope they are paying attention and letting their reps know. . . .

Some day I will get out of MA. . . .

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