Wednesday, January 1, 2014

News the Massachusetts Way. . . actual gun facts reported. . .

The media today gave me some hope that folks are starting to wake up to the games the gun grabbers play.  They seem to be starting to lose the news folks, at least a bit. . . the cracks are beginning and that is good.

What cracks you ask?  Well here in nice blue MA the news media is pretty good about toeing the party line for the Dems and the gun grabbers.  BUT. . . .

In the news today was a little blurb that I think is really big news if you look at it closely.  The news is reporting only 40 gun deaths in Boston last year, which continued the downward trend.  Now this is good for the folks of Boston and could be mistaken to show the gun control laws worked. . . but they added to the story . . . they admitted that there were the same number of shootings as the year or so before so no reduction in gun crime. . . more folks lived through it due to luck and modern EMS and hospitals so the deaths dropped.

In a nutshell they have admitted that gun control is not reducing gun crime or shootings in Massachusetts, and that the fact that gun deaths have gone down is due to more folks living through the attack because they get better medical care now than in the past.  Same number of shootings as last year, crime is not going down with all these laws.

Now this was just a bit of a quick news bit on the TV but I think it shows that they are starting to face the facts.  More importantly they are starting to report the facts.

We are slowly winning the hearts and minds of people back to our Constitution and our rights including the right to bear arms.  All we need is for the real facts to be reported and we win.  That is slowly starting to happen but it is happening.

Here's to a 2014 where we keep winning  back our rights!

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