Saturday, January 4, 2014

Talyor Anderson Destroyer Men

Just finished the seventh book in this series. . . "Iron Grey Sea".  You can get info on all the books HERE.

All I can say is if you like military books, and alternate history this is a great series.  I have been hooked from book one.

You follow a old beat up destroyer that is fleeing the Japanese at the start of WWII.  It gets caught up in a storm and transported to an alternate world where humans are not running things, and they are still in the sail age. . .

The characters are great and you really learn to care for them.  They have to learn to fit into this new world, and pick sides in the fight they end up in the middle of there.

The detail in the books of each battle just sucks you in and you can't turn the pages fast enough.  But the story is great too!  You get invested in these characters and what they are trying to do as they build a new life in this new world and deal with all the issues that brings up.  You also get bits and pieces of info on how they got to this world and maybe other have been transported there too.. . .

I don't want to give away the stories but let me say after seven books (I wait for the paperbacks) I can't wait to get book 8 and I hope he keeps it going.  Each book brings a bit more of the big story, but plenty of new stuff to that just keeps me going back for more.

A must read. . . .

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