Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ear Protection for Shooters

Showed up at the gun club the other day and they had a guy there making custom ear protection. . .

I watched for a while, talked to a few folks there that either were doing it or had done it and then I broke down and had a set made.  Figured they would be good for rifle shooting since my normal headgear is a bit bulky and can get in the way.

So what is custom ear protection??  Well it is silicone that is fitted to your ear and is rated at -30dB.

It looks like this:

 OK, they look a little weird in the photos but not that bad in person. . . you pick you color when they make it and I wanted something easy to see if I drop them at the range or a blogger shoot.

It is a quick and painless process to get them.  They first put a bit of foam in your ear to set how deep the silicone will go.  He then used a syringe to fill your ear canal and outer ear with the silicone.  It takes about 6-8 minuets to cure then they pull it out.

They then take the mold back to the office to trim and clean it up a bit and a few days later this little box shows up in the mail. . . .

I am told they work well. . . I will be testing them at the Junior Rifle night I help with to see how they do and will update things after that.

I can say they are a bit different to put on.  Unlike the foam plugs you have to twist these to get them in but once in they are very comfortable for the time I have worn them.  They do seem to do a great job in dampening the sound at home, we will see at the range.

Folks I talked to that do wear them say they work well.  They are also good for wearing under a standard set of ear muffs when you have to deal with those really loud rifles and such and you want to double up on your hearing protection.

My personal thought was these would be great for rifle use since they would not hit the stock of the rifle like the standard ear muff type hearing protection.

We will see, more info after I have used them a few times.  More info at the link in the photo or click here

I think for my classes though I will stay with my standard ear muff style since they have the electronic mic in them and let me hear what the students are saying but cut off the gunshots. . . more on those later

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