Saturday, February 8, 2014

9 yr old Boy killed in Boston

Very sad news today.  A 9 year old kid was killed by accident when his 14 year old brother shot him.

Folks this was in Massachusetts where we have some of the toughest gun laws in the country. . . and not one of them stopped this.

Facts so far:
The two kids were not in school that day for some reason
The 14 year old had a hand gun and was playing with it
The 14 year old had a negligent discharge killing his brother
No one else in the house knew of the gun

So we have multiple laws broken ending up in the death of a child by accidental shooting.

Things to consider:
A 14 year old cannot have a pistol permit in this state (or anywhere in US)
He could not legally buy the gun
He could not legally own the gun
It was not stored safely
He obviously did not know how to handle the gun

So where did he get it?  Probably off the streets in Boston.
Why did he have it?  We don't know
One kid is now dead and his brothers life ruined - heck the whole family now has to deal with this.

If you really want to prevent this kind of tragedy in the future then kids need to be taught gun safety.  Period all stop.

We want to prevent this kind of tragedy going forward then we need to make sure every kid knows not to play with guns.  Not to handle the gun, and to tell a parent.  Kids need to hear over and over from a young age that guns are not toys, that they need to tell a adult when they find one and never to point them at anyone.

Until we are willing to add gun safety to our schools just like we teach drug awareness then we are not serious about saving these kids.  A gun is not a magic talisman, it is a chunk of metal that does nothing without a human doing it.  Time to stop the liberal agenda and put some reality back into things here - time to teach kids about gun safety.  How many more kids will we let die because the left is afraid of guns and education?

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