Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is Historic

I will vote on the way home as the line was out the door and through the parking lot at my polling place on the way to work this morning.

I am happy and scared as today goes on. It is great to see the big turn out at the polls, but it scares me that these folks want to vote but have failed to learn what the candidates stand for. I am thrilled we may hit historic turn out but I think this will lead to an Obama win.

I don’t see how any can vote for him. He has too much baggage for me to ever vote for him or even see how he can legitimately serve as POTUS:

Birth Certificate – if he has nothing to hide here why does he have the records sealed, this should be a non-issue
Supporters – include know Middle Eastern terrorists like Hamas and local terrorists who kill cops and our soldiers like Bill Ayres.
Racist – you don’t spend 20 years in that church and not know what is going on. You sure as hell don’t take your kids there – that is a bad call, poor decision making at best. . .
Second Amendment – he is against it. I don’t care what he says, look at his record
First Amendment – he is against it – look at the truth squads he sent out to squash any dissent.
Fascist – He wants to create a “military like” police force in the US to keep us safe. . . we don’t need it and no President should have that kind of power.
Communist – he wants to “spread the wealth” – sorry, you should be able to keep what you earn. If you are able bodied and don't work, go hungry, not my problem.
Taxes – he will raise them – don’t care what he says, when he lets the Bush tax cuts go away everyone making 25K or more a year will see their taxes go up. You are rich if you make 250K, sorry, 200K, oops, 150K. . . .
Lack of experience – he is qualified but Palin is not? Sorry, and she is only VP, he is going for it all. He does not have the background or any leadership experience to speak of going for him. He is not qualified on his best day for this position.
Muslim Faith? - He has called himself Muslim in an interview and was corrected by the interviewer. . . is he Muslim? I don't think so but I think he may lean that way too much for my comfort while we are at war with the radicals. . .
Missing Facts - The news folks gave up their jobs and fell in lock step with him. They should have been digging on everyone's background, not just McCains. I think he has too much we don't know about to put him in the White House. What will come out that we don't know about?

So it is a mixed feeling day. It is good to see folks vote, but I wish they were making an educated choice instead of one based on “FEELINGS”. Feelings are great but you don’t run a government on them. . . .

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