Thursday, November 6, 2008

Main Stream Media

WTF? I just heard a clip with the talking heads admitting they don't know anything about Obamas world view, or thoughts on China, or much about him at all and that there is a bit of a creepy cult of personality about him. . . .

NOW THEY FIGURE THAT OUT? talk about FAILING your basic reason for existence!

Yo Mr. Media - You were supposed to dig into his background like you did to McCain so you could educate the voters on what they were getting BEFORE the election. You have failed and now we don't have a clue what we put in the White House.

And no, it is not your job to make Obama successful (Chris Mathews). It is your job to keep him honest and tell the people of this country about what he is doing so we will know if he acts for or against us who elected him. He works for US.

Thanks for F'ing up the most important job you have to throw the election for Obama. . . way to go.

Forgive me if I never trust your BS again. I still can't believe you admit to dropping the ball this bad.

God help us we will make it two years to take away Congress from the Dems and we can start to clean up the mess you have made


Ted said...

"Thanks for F'ing up the most important job you have to throw the election for Obama. . . way to go."

I think that their answer is "You're welcome. No extra charge."

Not a bug, a feature.

Let me know when you're fixin to go Cowboy Action Shooting. I'll buy ammo, if you bring the guns.

JD said...


I hope to have the needed guns in the spring but my range is shut down due to a stray shot hitting a house. . . .

No idea when it will open again and it is the only one around that does cowboy shoots. No word yet if they are moving the cowboy stuff to another range around here. . .

= (