Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mass Moment

Only in MA will they give a disgraced and resigned State Senator access to her office so she can clean it out before she goes to trial for multiple issues:

Wilkerson resigned last week from the office she held for nearly 16 years, stepping down a day after she was indicted by a federal grand jury on eight counts of attempted extortion stemming from an undercover FBI operation. – Boston Globe

So they let her clean out her files and toss out a bunch of stuff. . . . I hope the FBI has all they need to get the conviction or else they should go after whomever let her in to destroy evidence.

This stat is such a mess that this bit of news took the back seat to a second arrest in the Boston City Counsel this time, Chuck Turner got hit for also taking bribes to get a liquor license for someone. . . took $1K to buy him.

I hope the FBI goes through this states government with a fine tooth comb. We have corruption to spare as this shows. I bet we can keep the FBI busy for some time around here. . .

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