Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Thugs part II

Looks like a couple of Black Panthers have been arrested trying to intimidate folks in PA as they try to vote. . . Also hearing rumors that Republican observers have been tossed out of some polls.

Obama moves forward to steal the election. I will say it again, he may yet win this but it won't be by legitimate means, he will not be the legitimate President of the USA.

I can see why the talk shows are already stirring up folks to resist anything he tries to pull if he gets in. I hope the lawyers can stop him since he has all bu invalidated the vote. . .

I would love to see his face if McCain pulls out a miracle and wins this somehow with all the Democrat voter fraud

HERE is a look at voting problems

Update - Guess there is film on the TV of the Black Panthers dressed like cops stopping whites from voting . . . they got busted but if they are doing it in one place they must be doing it in other ones. They really want to stir up some good trouble.

Update - Thug Report HERE This is the kind of activity that gets folks to go down paths we don't want to folks. This is the US, we are not supposed to have this crap here. It won't surprise me if someone gets shot pulling this crap. . .

Update on Voter Fraud - here is a big red flag folk

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