Thursday, June 16, 2016

Time for some FACTS

Lets look at the facts before we let the gun grabbers BS us into giving up more of our rights. . .

They want background checks:
The shooter passed his - along with an FBI investigation.  Everyone who buys a gun from a dealer (FFL) has to get a background check no matter where you buy it - at the store or the gun show.  You do not need a federal check for person to person but some states do require it (like MA).

They want more restrictions:
We have gun free zones - too bad 95% or more of the mass shootings are in GUN FREE ZONES

They want an assault weapon ban again:
Congress had it's own investigation of the effectiveness of the last one.  And showed it DID NOTHING

They keep saying he had an assault rifle:
No he didn't.  Assault rifles are highly restricted as they can fire in full auto.  He did not have one and the civilian AR is NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE

They want a filibuster for more gun control:
Gun control has created the places these folks have been killed.  It is literally killing us.  This filibuster should be called The Terrorist Protection Filibuster.

They want two things -
to ban people on the government's terrorist watch list from obtaining gun licenses and whether to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales.

Folks as mentioned every purchase from an FFL already goes through a background check by federal law.  They want a law that already exists showing how little they know about gun laws.

They want to use the watch list to strip folks of a Constitutional right with no due process, no way to find out if you are on the list, and no way to get off the list - This should never be passed as it stand.  Everyone from sitting Senators to babys have been put on that list . . .  it is a joke.

We need to fight this BS and make sure nothing is passed in the heat of the moment.  We have more than enough laws on the books, too many when you realize that these laws are used by terrorists to insure they can attack when no one else can fight back. . . and have done so over and over and over. . . see above. 

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