Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gun Control is the cause, not the fix

Folks I continue to be amazed at how folks will buy the lie of gun control hook, line and sinker that the news is selling. . .

Thanks God more and more folks seem to be waking up from the Bullshit and calling folks on it.

Gun control is the problem, not the fix.  Almost all (as in over 95%) of these shootings are in gun free zones. . .

Orlando - gun free
Batman Movie shooting - gun free ( he drove past other theaters to get to a gun free one)
All school shootings - gun free
Fort Hoot - gun free
and I can go on and on. . .

Just look at history.  Gun control took off starting at the end of the 1960's with the 68 gun laws. . .

Someone please tell me how many mass shootings in the schools or nightclubs we had before then?  that were not mob related?  How about terror attacks???

So with all the insanity of the civil right movement and everything else going on in the 60's we really did not see these kinds of shootings - at least not on the scale we see now. . . we also pretty much did not have any gun control.  The bad guys KNEW other folks would have guns and a way to fight back.
The more laws we have passed, the more folks we have disarmed the more shootings we have had.

Look at Chicago. . .  every week folks are shot and killed there in the land of gun control.  They have every law on the books that the gun grabbers could want yet they are one of the most violent cities in the country.

Look at Mexico.  Guns are all but outlawed yet the drug lords have no problem not only getting guns but military grade fully auto stuff and still kill hundreds per year and run parts of the country.  And for the record the civilian AR-15 is not a machine gun/full auto like the military has, it is a single shot per trigger pull semi automatic.  It is very hard for a civilian to legally get a machine gun and it takes special permits and additional background checks.  If anyone can prove a lawfully owned machine gun was used in a recent attack please sent me the link. . . . I doubt you will find one.

Folks history has shown the failure of giving up your ability to defend yourself.  I just thank God that more folks are seeing this.  And now we can welcome with open arms the LGBT folks who are realizing they need to defend themselves and are starting to see the legal road blocks that have been put in place to keep them down.

We all need to fight gun control and we all need to swamp DC with our calls, letter and emails telling them that we have had enough.  The experiment of gun control is over and has failed.  We want our rights back and we want our safety back.

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