Friday, June 17, 2016

An Open Letter to Congress on Gun Controle.....

Dear Congress. . .

I am writing you to say we must not pass laws in the heat of the moment because of Orlando.   High emotions do not make for good reasonable laws.

Gun control has failed.  More gun control will not fix this and will limit the Constitutional rights of lawful gun owners – including battered women, and members of the LGBT community who need them for self defense, something that is not supposed to happen.  The founders spell out “shall not be infringed”
To make this worse, the two ideas floated so far will do nothing:

Background Checks – Every gun purchased from a FFL (Federally Firearms License) gun dealer has to be run through a NICS or Background check now. . . so folks are calling for a law that is already on the books

Fly List – The FBI does not want the No Fly list used as it will tip their hand to the bad guys.  The ACLU is against it as we all should be due to the lack of due process .  Let us remember that there are kids, babies and even a sitting US Senator (Our Sen. Kennedy) was on the list.  And as it stand now you don’t know you are on it, and can’t get off.  If we do want to use this list then we must add due process and a way for people put on in error to get off the list quickly as to prevent abuse of their rights. 

Personally I think if you have the evidence to say the person should not be allowed to buy a gun then you have the evidence to go before a judge to get a ruling and follow the laws to strip them of their rights.  America is supposed to  respect our rights, not act like a two bit dictatorship stripping citizens of their rights without due process.  Hopefully if passed this will be thrown out in court.

No one wants another tragedy like Orlando but we need to step back and make our decision based on facts not emotions.  Gun laws will not stop anyone who is willing to die to kill others.  They will use a gun, or a bomb like Timothy McVeigh.  The Orlando shooter passed multiple background checks and even a psych check to get his permits.  He worked for a government contractor for security.  He has passed every roadblock I have heard suggested by the anti-gun rights crowd and he still got the guns and killed folks.

We also need to look at Gun Free Zones which are one of the things that tie all these shootings together.  We need to get rid of gun free zones.  They are nothing more than advertising where to attack for the terrorists.  95% or more of the recent attacks have been in gun free zones – The Batman Movie shooting, the church shooting, Ft. Hood shooting and now Orlando.  These zones just don’t work and we need to admit it and move on.

Until we are ready to admit it is not the gun but the attacker that is the problem we will get nowhere in fixing this issue.  Please stop playing politics with people’s lives and lets really try to fix this problem.  It is time to end the mistake of gun control and start to work on the real issues of terrorism in this country.

Thank You

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