Monday, June 20, 2016

The Gun Control Lie

So lets get this straight. . .

The Gun Grabbers want our guns and a new assault weapons ban even though Congresses own investigation shows that the previous AWB did NOTHING to make us safer or prevent any crime.

They want more background checks even though every gun sale through a gun dealer already goes through a background check - so they are showing they don't even know what laws are on the books now.  They are also ignoring the fact that the last shooter (and many others) all passed background checks and all other legal hoops to get their guns.

They want to end due process - you will now be guilty until you can prove to them that you are not.  Not exactly American last I checked.  What about Innocent until proven guilty??

And to top it off they are censoring the release of the attackers calls to eliminate the parts they don't like and don't fit their story - you know like his pledging to ISIS. . . see they don't want to admit he was a Radical Muslim. . ..

The part I find the most terrifying is we now have Democrats in Congress saying that we need to end Due Process and ignore our Civil Rights because they get in the way of the laws they want to pass. . .

All I see out of this is a tragedy for those killed in the club, and a bunch of tyrant want to be dancing in their blood and using their deaths to help end our civil rights.  The totally ignore how gun control has failed and is in fact responsible for this event.  Yet again a gun free zone has attracted an attacker who didn't care about the law and brought in guns where he knew no one could fight back with predicable results.

If our dear leaders really wanted to make us safer we would be hearing them call for an end to gun control, gun free zones, and a complete review of immigration processes.  Not that even that would have stopped Orlando as he was born here and still radicalized.

We as a country need to wake up to what is going on.  Once we admit to the failure of gun control we need to address the failure of immigration as it stand now.  A hundred years ago immigrants learned to be American and they adapted to our culture.  Now they expect us to learn their language and adapt to theirs.  Time to end this madness.

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