Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Shooting

So yet again a RADICAL Muslim has shot up folks he disagrees with. . . .

And like clockwork the "news" media is calling for gun control and ignoring the real issue of Radical Islam because that does not fit their PC narrative to disarm us.

Folks the shooter had a permit, he purchased the guns legally and passed multiple background checks for his job. . . so all the crap they are calling for could have been in place and he still would have passed it and attacked.  The club was a gun free zone so legally he was not permitted to have guns there even with his permits. . . .

And I see folks calling for more security. . .  I am at Disney and folks here want more . . . x-ray and bag  checks. . . all sounds good until you live it.  The morning of the shooting right after the news broke I went to the Magic Kingdom.  You should have seen the crowd waiting to get into security. . . sure the park may have been safer. . . but all they needed to do was have one bomber willing to get to the center of the crowd waiting to get in and they would have killed and wounded probably another 100 or so possible more.

Folks we need to cut out the PC crap and admit we are at war with an IDEA! You can't pass a law to fix this you need to be ready to fight it both with our own ideas and physically.  We need more armed trained folks out there, not less.  We need to push our own propaganda to counter their BS. . . We need to have the liberals and gun grabbers shut the fuck up and let the grown ups deal with this in a very non PC way.

Do I have the answer?  No.

Do I know more gun control and BS is not the answer?  Yes.

We need to start with getting rid of gun free zones.  Law abiding citizens are our best defense against the Radicals and we need them armed.  We need to take a good hard look at our gun laws and repeal most of them.  With the exception of felons and those found by a doctor to be mentally unfit anyone else that wants to protect themselves should be allowed to.  It is their RIGHT as a human.

Then we need to look at halting immigration from countries with terrorism ties until we can come up with a good way to screen folks that works.  And maybe they have limited gun rights and green cards for a few years so we can vet them before letting them stay and become citizens with all the rights that come with it.

There is no easy fix for this issue.  There is no one fix for this issue.

The more I listen to the talking heads and their simple fixes the more I know they are clueless and pushing an agenda not a fix.

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