Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Attack

Istanbul airport explosions: 28 dead, 60 injured, Turkish official says

And our news media?  Ya they are playing the game again and not telling you what is going on or distracting you.

I just watched the news do an in depth report on how tight our security is and how all these foreign airports that fly to the US need to have security that is just as good. . . . Sounds great right?

Ya, too bad the attack happened outside of security before anyone checked them. . .

Folks this security theater is part of the problem and does not make us safer. . .

All they do is get you to pile up in mass in front of the check point.  sure you are safe if you get through security.  You and you friends in the security pile awaiting screening make a great target you know. . .  and they hit them today.

Personally I think it is only time until they hit us like this in the USA.  Either at an airport or tourist attraction.  As hundreds sit and wait to get screened the attackers will join them and BOOM.

But no, don't start profiling, don't fix it, don't look at the real issue folks . . . . Be a good little sheep, turn in your guns and do what your betters in DC tell you to do.  And when they hit you please die quietly and in a way that will look good on their news report.

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