Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Daughter shoots the other wants to be an Archer. . .

I spent yesterday afternoon down at Reedy's Archery here in MA with my younger daughter.  She does not like shooting much but is quickly learning to love archery.

My gun club does an intro to archery "class" every Friday night so that folks can come down and try it out.  So we did. . . . I think she is hooked.

She had enjoyed the few classes we have gone to.  We then went to an Archery Open House at the Holbrook gun club and got taking with a few Pro's there . . . got me sold on her getting her own bow so that she will have one that fits her and is consistent. 

The club bows are good, but you never know how they are sighted, or what weight they are set at . . .  ect.  So it is hard to get good at things. .  .

On to yesterday. . .

The folks at Reedys were great.  I went in and explained that I wanted a good bow for a starter without breaking the bank. .. . They got us set up with a bow that can easily be adjusted for draw and weight as she grows. 

They then took her to the indoor range and taught her how to use it and started to sight it in.  We must have been there a good hour or so shooting so she could get a good feel for the bow.  I probably don't have to tell you they made the sale. . . . it is on lay away until tax day here in MA so I can save a few bucks.

The nice part is we can go down and use it when we want on their range until we finish paying it off. . . and they are great at teaching her how to use it too.

These guys just blew me away with the service.

If you live in MA and don't mind the drive to Middleboro I can't recommend them enough!  Great folks to buy from and know their stuff.  They had both long bows and compound for the archers, crossbows and bit of black power stuff but the real focus is on the archers with two indoor ranges you can use.  Range time as $10 an hour if you already have the equipment and just need to have a place to shoot.

Two thumbs up for Reedy's

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