Thursday, July 17, 2014

Calfornia Gun Laws that Work! for the criminals. . .

News today is that in good old California the home of all that great gun control and assault weapons bans there was a robbery. . . . with guns. . . well assault weapons actually. . . and hostages and death. . .

You can get the CNN take on it HERE

And all that is left to do is pray for this poor womans family and children and hope they get the support they need to get througth this. . . . while the news folks spin it and distort the facts.

Basic facts:
Bad guys were gang members
Three hostages taken and one who was a mother of two was killed when used as a shield
Bad guys had AK style rifles which are illegal in CA

Anyone want to bet none of the guns were acquired legally?
Anyone want to bet all the robbers were prohibited people and did not have gun licenses?
Anyone want to guess how hard it was for them to get guns and ammo? 

Anyone want to bet how long it takes to have the same idiots dancing in the blood of this poor woman and blaming the NRA and gun owners for this event?

Folks gun control does not work.  It takes away our civil rights and the only folks it makes safer are the criminals. 

In CA the criminals know they have nothing to fear from the sheep.  Unless they run into a cop they will be the only ones in the area with a gun and they will be running the show. . . . and as the news shows us time and time again this is a losing combination for the lawful citizens of the area.

WAKE UP!  Tell your reps at all levels that enough is enough!  No more gun control!  it is time to start dismantling the crap laws we have in place now and put the advantage back on the side of the law abiding citizens of this country and taking away the advantages the criminals have.

Please Please Please tell your rep you support lawful gun ownership.  They need to hear it over and over because as you can see from the news report they are being fed a line of bull by the anti-gun/anti-civil rights folks who live in a fantasy world.  I would love to live in their world where common sense works and there is no criminals or violence. . . but I don't I live in the real world and I have a family to protect.  I can't afford to pretend I live in their world.

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