Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mass update on Senate Gun Bill

You can get the details from GOAL HERE

Overall GOAL has been working overtime on this and finally MA gun owners are waking up. . .

We started with a VERY anti-gun bill in the House a few months back but thanks to GOAL and the gun owners of MA getting involved we have a very different bill now.

The Senate just passed their version of the House bill this week and it looks good for gun owners.  A lot of things have been fixed and this is actually a step forward for gun owners in MA.

You can read more on all the stuff in this bill on the GOAL link above but lets just say "Let's get this passed before someone screws it up!"

There is a lot of good stuff in there for gun owners and for our schools.   This bill may actually help make our kids safer . . . which is good for our state.

To think back in 1998 the original bad version of this bill would have sailed through no problem and become law. . . . today is a new day in MA.  Gun owners are now active in voting and in politics and they have noticed.  If we want to protect our rights it is up to us folks.

There is still a lot about MA gun laws that we need to change to get back to our Founders dreams of "shall not be infringed" but that is for another day.  The fact that we are turning the tide at all in MA should be noted and celebrated folks!  This may be a small step forward for lawful gun owners but it is a step FORWARD!  IN MA!  One step at a time folks. . . . we are winning this.

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