Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MA Gun bills

Well the House put together a good bill. . . would fix a lot of stuff, keep us safe and protected gun rights. . . .

Now the Senate is getting in on it and they have a mess.  Not as bad as the original House bill that was fixed but a mess none the less.  Once again it is very anti-gun and the folks writing it clearly don't understand or own guns.

So GOAL is still fighting to fix it and we need your help.  More info HERE

Please call or email your Senator NOW and let them know you want them to protect our gun/civil rights and vote against the bill as written.  It can be fixed.  Better yet they could just adopt the House bill and as good as it is it could use a few tweaks it would not take much to fix it.  It is much better than the Senate bill.

Time to call and write folks. 
Thanks - we can win this.  We are doing very well in protecting our rights even here in MA, keep it up!

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