Sunday, July 13, 2014

Behind The Lines

Now we wait to see what the Mass Senate will do with the new gun law.

It has been a long couple of months and a bit depressing for me.  This was a long fight and I think we won, don't get me wrong but for a while there it looked like the gun grabbers would win once again in MA. 

I was rather bummed out that my hobby and the teaching I enjoy so much would become a memory as they were going to put so many things in the way of gun ownership that it would be legal in name only. . . . I was starting to think about if it was time to give up. . .while at the same time sending emails, calls and faxes to every House member I could to stop this bill.  I was at the State House for the hearings and I was visiting with my rep to stop this all.

And thank God I was not alone in this. . . . after months of fighting for our rights we won. . . the new law is nothing like what we started with and that is still sinking in.  I could see gun ownership was growing in our state with every class I taught, but it was something else to see us all band together to make a difference and protect our rights.  This is a great thing to see.

In the rebound I am now getting caught up on my gun mags and reading all the stuff that was too depressing to read a few weeks ago.  It was bugging me to read this stuff as I realized most of our country did not have to deal with the insane gun laws we do and the crazy folks wanting to pass more. . . but I think even MA is starting to wake up to the failure of gun control.  How else do you explain that even here new gun laws really are not gaining any ground?  All the gun grabber parts of the latest bill were tossed.  It is now actually a rather good bill with lots of stuff in it that the pro gun side has been asking for for a long time now. . . .

I think we have turned the corner.  We need to keep fighting for out rights and let them know we are watching their every move but we are winning and we need to remember that.  We are winning, but the fight is far from over.  The anti-rights folks are on the ropes, we need to finish this.

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