Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why Gun Control Will Never Work

I am constantly amazed that folks think gun control is a viable option. . .  Please folks all it takes is a short bit of history and you will see prohibition has never resulted in good things.

Lets start with the big on:  Alcohol Prohibition. . .  with a short bit of time on Google you come up with these info. (from Wikipedia)

Alcohol Prohibition was tried over and over at the star of the last century. . . .

  • 1907 to 1992 in Faroe Islands; limited private imports from Denmark were allowed from 1928
  • 1915 to 1933 in Iceland (beer was still prohibited until 1989)[6]
  • 1916 to 1927 in Norway (fortified wine and beer also prohibited from 1917 to 1923)
  • 1919 to 1932 in Finland (called kieltolaki, "ban law")

You will note each one of these experiments also has an end date. . .  it did not work.

Here in the US we can see what we got out of the deal.  Crime went up, corruption grew, and we got introduced to the likes of Al Capone and the gangs that ran moonshine and alcohol and controlled it.  It brought us murder, drive by shootings and the gangsta era of fame and fortune. . . .

It also brought the US it's first gun laws as the .gov tried to reign in this madness.  None of it worked and eventually defeat was admitted and it was repealed.

Next we can look at Drug Prohibition in the USA. . .

1973 we get the DEA
1982 the CIA and folks get in on drug control and we have what is called the "war on drugs" in the USA

What has that gotten us?  Does anyone think you can't get drugs today?  

We have drug lords and gangs controlling the supply, and killing each other over their territories.  Innocent folks are killed in the drive by shootings too. . . ..Folks are getting drugs mixed with who knows what and doses that they don't know but they snort, smoke or shoot it anyway and many end up dead from the overdose.  

Crime has gone up as addicts steal to support their habit and rehab is a mess.

Yet the drugs keep coming into the country.  I bet any high school kid knows where to get some. . . .

So now they want to ban guns. . . 

Somehow that will magically make them all go away.  

I love how the folks that back gun bans totally ignore the basic facts I have presented above.  Criminals will still get guns and us them against good people to get what they want.  They will get them smuggled into the country without a problem, look at the drugs we have now.

So please folks, lets stop this now.  Tell the gun grabbers and the anti-gun folks that you live in the real world and you know it won't work.  I don't know what color the sky is in their world but it sure ain't blue.

Fact is gun sales have been going up at a record pace for 6 or more years now. .  and yet violent crime continues it's 20 year drop. . . you are safer today than you were 20 years ago or more. . .

How can that be?  simple.  The news media is no longer neutral and no longer reports the facts.  They are entertainment and they support the liberal big government agenda.  They bombard us every news cycle with crime and shootings to make it look like crime is up and to support gun bans. . . 

The real questions is Why?  What does the media and the liberals/socialist have to gain from this??? that is easy - CONTROL.  A disarmed populous is easy to control.  You can see it in how we responded to the Boston Bombings last year.  Folks had their rights trampled on as they went house to house looking for the bombers.  Folks were herded out of their homes with hands up like criminals.  they lived in and around Boston where guns are all but banned even though that is Un-Constitutional.  So they had no choice - they could not defend themselves from the Bombers or the State so they did what they were told, had guns pointed at them and behaved like good little sheep.  It was sickening. . . .

Fight for your rights folks.  Prohibition never works and history has shown it often if not always leads to more crime not less, and more government control of our lives.

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