Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cliven Bundy Stand Off

So the Fed and Harry Reid have backed down.

In what is looking like a land grab by the Fed to give it to a China business that had Reid's backing they tried to take over the Bundy ranch and take his cattle. . .

Lucky for the Bundy's word got out (not through the MSM, they are very quiet on this) and things did not go well for the Fed.  Instead of another Ruby Ridge we had patriots show up and make a stand with the family and put a stop to this. . . .

The Fed has backed off and will return the cattle it took.

Now we need to watch and see.  Are they really done or is this a ploy to get it out of the news and spotlight so they can silence him without anyone seeing.  They tried to make it a no fly zone to keep the local news out but it was too late.

This is what we have come to folks.  The Fed stomping on our rights and trying to hide it.

We should all take notice of this and remember in November.  We can stop this now with our vote before it comes to violence.  It came way too close for comfort this time.  Both sides were armed and the Fed was seen tazering folks.

VOTE in November and kick out the big government folks in DC.  It is time we take things back and follow our Constitution.  Time to shrink the Fed and it's power over our lives.  GO VOTE and REMEMBER in November.

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