Saturday, April 5, 2014

First One on One Class

Finally had the stars align and my friend and I both had a free day to do the Pistol Class for his Mass LTC.

I have done a number of classes at my gun club as part of the team, each of us teaching a part of the course but this was the first one on one class I have done.

While a bit intimidating at first it was fun.  I found once I got things going it went very smoothly after all the time I have spent at the club classes.  I had a few hiccups with one of my demos videos on how the various types of rifles and pistols work but that was minor looking back at it.

The overall class ran about 4.5 hours with the shooting part included so not too bad.

I am amazed at how natural the class felt, and how much my nerves have gone away since teaching it.  I think it was like a right of passage or something, I did my own class, it went well, and my friend is now going for his LTC here in MA.

I can see what I want to work on for the next class.  I need to get my videos under control and maybe do a bit more practice with the NRA posters boards to really clean it up but over all it went well and I think I am now well on my way as an instructor.

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