Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who needs a gun when you have a Knife Attack?

School knife attack. . .  20 injured, 7 life threatening. . .

When will we learn.  Disarming teachers and telling the world that no one can defend themselves in a place is asking for trouble. 

I pray for the kids, and I want to know what the attacker was thinking and why. . . and I am scared at what the politically correct idiots will come up with next for their fix as yet again we are shown that banning weapons in the schools is not stopping crazy folks from hurting and trying to kill our kids.  YOUR WEAPON FREE ZONE FIX IS WHAT IS CAUSING THIS!

All I can say to the hoplophobes who will all congratulate themselves that a gun was not used is to shut the F up.  Seven kids may still die and all may have lifelong problems because your screwed up thinking caused this mess.  One security guard, cop or teacher with a weapon (a gun preferred for their safety) could probably have prevented this.  We will see when the facts come out if that is true, but I would rather have the guard than not. .  . no guard means for sure no one can stop it.

UPDATE - security guard is one of the injured. . . guess he had no way to disarm or otherwise stop the attack such as a weapon, lethal or not. . . hope they post more facts on this.  Even pepper spray may have helped but it does not work on everyone.  . . 

These nuts look for a place to go where they know no one can fight back. . .  that is where they attack, and have time and time again.  Only one attack since the 1950’s has not been in a gun/weapons free zone.

When will we learn?  When will we tell the politically correct hoplophobes to shut up and sit down while the grownups fix their mess.  Time to get rid of any kind of weapons free zone.  Time to let teachers fight back and give them the ability to defend their kids and themselves if they want to take that responsibility.  I do not want to force anyone to carry a weapon who doesn’t want to – But I am sick of us disarming those willing to defend helpless kids from the acts of madmen.

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