Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shrink admits mental health background not a help in mass shootings

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Well written article on how mental health and guns does not really make any difference in stopping a mass shooting.

They explain how this will impose on folks rights for little to no gain in the real world.  It is more about looking like they are doing something instead of actually doing anything about this.

Gun control folks refuse to see reality and the basic facts:

  • Areas with strict gun control have more crime (see MA crime jump after 1998 law)
  • Areas with more guns have less crime
  • Gun owners are more law abiding than others
  • Gun law reductions have not lead to shootings in the street and the "wild west"
  • Owing a gun is your RIGHT as an American. . .  and shall not be infringed as our founders say. . .
what do you think?

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