Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another Tragic School Shooting

Another school shooting. . .  and it is starting to look like a kid who has been bullied.  All the reports are this kid was the last person anyone would expect to do this. . .

The one up side is that I see the news and the feedback is finally starting to focus on the kid.  What pushed him to this?  What made him snap.  Sure some folks still blame the gun but it seems to be less and less as the comments get posted.

This is a good start folks.  We need to get past the tool.  Lets face the facts that it does not matter how he killed, the people are still dead.  We need to know WHY he killed if we want to do anything to stop the next one.  And there will be another as much as I hate to admit it. 

We are raising our kids to think they will always win.  Everyone gets a medal just for showing up.  They never lose, the score don’t count.  Then we are surprised when something in their life goes wrong and they don’t know how to handle it or who to talk to.  When all they have experienced so far in life is a warm fuzzy bubble wrapped world it is a big surprise with reality hits.  And some can’t deal with the shock.

I often wonder why we never had these problems with I was a kid.  Gun laws were MUCH more relaxed than now, and kids used them with their parents or other older family member’s.   We played  Army or Cowboy and Indians, we had BB guns and no none got hurt.  You learned to shoot in scouts or at camp and no one thought twice about it.  But we also played games and we won sometimes and we lost sometimes.  Our parents did not jump in to save us from experiencing either event.  We learned that you don’t always win, you don’t always get your way.

We also had bullies and friends at school.  We did not have the social media like Facebook to bring the bully home with us but we still had to deal with kids that didn‘t like us and kids are very good at being mean to each other.  I suppose media makes things a bit harder to get away from but I don’t think that is the only issue.

Our kids are raised on the internet, not by their parents.  Parents want to be their friend, not their parent.  Parents don’t take enough interest in what is going on or they take too much interest.  The kid gets either no support or Mom and Dad do all the work for them.  Not a path for success folks.

I will be very interested in what they find out about this kid.  I won’t be shocked if the parents didn’t know about his bullying or other issues that may have pushed him over the edge. . . and that is the saddest part.

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