Saturday, October 12, 2013

LaserLyte LT-TT Trigger Tyme Pistol

Now that I have my NRA and state certs to start gun training with people I am looking to build up the tools to be successful with it.

I just got one of the LasterLyte LT-TT Triger Tyme Pistols with the goal of eventually getting the laser insert and target for it.  For now it lets me have a blue gun that I can dry fire with and it is not a real gun.  I am looking forward to doing some dry fire with it myself.  I know I need the practice but have been hesitant to have a real gun out while the kids are up and it is has been hard to find the time I can practice that I feel comfortable with.  This will take that fear out of it since it cannot fire a bullet.

For me this gun is a big pro, it will let me do dry fire training on my own and with students without having a real gun in use.  It also lets a new shooter try it and see what the trigger pull and such is like without actually shooting a real gun.  Having something they can practice with, get use to a sight picture with that does not shoot means I can take one safety issue out of the class.  It will also let them practice without the recoil so they can focus on what they need to.  Then we can move on to the range and deal with the noise and recoil of a real gun.

The one down side so far is the trigger pull is light by MA standards.  We by law need a 10 lbs trigger pull and I am not sure that this can be modified to do that.  I have sent an email to LaserLyte to see what they say but it will work as it is.

Now I need to put aside a few bucks and get the laser insert and target to work with it.  

UPDATE -  They don't have a way to change the trigger pull at this point but they did note the request and are passing it on.  I like the quick response I got from them and it supports what I have heard about LaserLyte, they seem like a great company that listens to the customer.  I hope they do come out with a way to set the trigger pull but I won't wait on it to buy the laser and targets for use with the trainer gun.

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