Friday, October 25, 2013

Bush did it = Bad . . . Obama did it = Good WTF?

What is it with the Obama robots that whenever a conservative blasts some stupid Obama move I always hear them cry “but it was Bush’s idea, Obama is just copying him” like it was OK that Bush did it so it is OK that Obama does. . . . Bush was a RINO and did plenty wrong folks including grow the government.

Folks let’s get something straight here.  Bush was not a good POTUS. . . he was no friend to our rights (see the Patriot Act) but he was better than the other guy on the ballot both times (barely). . . which does not say much.  We continue to get bad choices for our elections and are forced to pick the lesser of two evils.  This is no way to run a country and we are in the mess we are because of it.

Let’s add to this that folks who voted for Obama claim they wanted change from the Bush policies. . .  Wasn’t the idea something about hope and change?

So how is it OK that Obama is following the Bush lead?  Didn’t you elect him to NOT do what Bush was doing because you thought that was WRONG????  Why is any bad policy now OK because Obama wants it but you rallied against it when Bush did???

I for one am now part of the Hope and Change crowd.  I am hoping we can change things and get back to our Constitution, a free market, a small government, and having rights again.

I don’t get this, someone please explain this to me. . . .

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