Saturday, October 16, 2010

Republican Rally in MA????

Yes there was, at 8 AM on a Saturday. . .  I was there and so were a bunch of other folks.  At least a hundred or so waving signs and listing to the candidates. 

The best part?  This was early on a weekend morning when folks want to sleep in.  And I was not the only one that was a first timer there. . .  .  This all looks good for the Republicans and bad for the Dems.  The voters are all riled up, and they want new faces on Beacon Hill.  That means they are looking to toss the Dems. .  .

So looking at this I can see all sorts of trouble for the Dems in November.  I never thought I would see that size rally in old Blue State Massachusetts especially on a weekend morning at 8 AM. .. . Maybe we will take another big step toward having a second party here in MA

We can do this folks, we are doing this folks!  Remember to vote in November and we can bring Real Change to MA!

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