Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Obama out to get the vote

So CNN is running on it's news ticker that Obama is out trying to stir up the youth vote for Novembers election. . .  seems he is a bit afraid they won't show up - maybe he thinks he can't fool them twice?
I want to know what he is telling them. .  .
"show up and vote for us because we already spent your future"
"vote Dem because we already own you"
or maybe
"show up and vote because I will do something eventually"
or how about
"Vote Dem because Bush did it. . . I just work here. . . "
I can't wait for this election.  everything is pointing to the bums getting tossed in mass.  This is a great thing!  We need to keep the folks in DC on their toes, and remind them it is not a life time job!
We will see if we can pull this off.  If we do, Obama is DONE and he knows it.  And America will have taken her first steps back from the edge. . . .
The Dems have been saying there will be more done if the Republicans win seats because they will work together, they have to. . . I hope not!  I am not voting Republican to send them there to work with the Dems, I am sending them to DC to STOP OBAMA and his attack on our way of life.  That simple.  If the Republicans are listening to the voters they know that is their job when they get to DC.  If they go RINO on us we will just vote them out in 2 years. . . .

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