Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeff Perry

Only in Massachusetts is this able to happen.  Jeff Perry who is well on the way to being the next 10 district rep from Massachusetts is being attacked by the left for old news.

They are trying to pin him with being guilty of strip searching a 14 year old girl. or being part of it anyway.  They have nothing else to use. . . . well here are the facts -

  • Then Officer Perry was never charged by the DA with anything
  • Officer Perry did not get any punishment from the department
  • Officer Perry was not sued in civil court either
  • A second officer was charged, and found guilty of the attack, by the name of Flanagan
Jeff Perry has already explained all this.

And to think we kept putting that murderer Ted Kennedy back in office but they will try to ruin Jeff for something he did not do. .. . Only in MA

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