Monday, October 25, 2010

Bush on CNN

This is just sad

Seems the elections are just about a week away and all CNN and the Democrats have to do is ask about Bush and Cheney. . . . Sorry folks, they have been out of office for about two years now. . . what to they have to do with it?

This smells of total desperation to me.  The Dems have nothing to show for 4 years of running Congress and 2 years in the White House so all they can do is dig up the past and hope we don't notice. . . .

Well we have, and you are about to get dumped folks.  Can't wait to listen to all the excuses once the election is over and their god Obama has been rejected by the voters.  We are going to turn this country around, and that means we dump the old ways and the old parties. . . and put some real conservatives in office.  Dump the Dems and the RINOS that got us into this mess and get it fixed!

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