Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election day is coming - be ready for it!

Election day is coming quickly folks and for those of us in MA we have a chance to change things like I have never seen. . .  The Dems are on the ropes, we need to finish them off and make this a real two party state folks.  We can make some BIG changes if we do things right.

1 – Barney Frank – the guy that was a if not the major player in the housing crash.  He is fighting for his political life. . .  VOTE HIM OUT!  Remember all the back room deals and illegal activity he has been tied to . . . . prostitution ring run out of his house, telling us Fanny and Freddy were fine just before the collapse, Big ticket vacations paid for by the folks he is supposed to oversee for us. . . . ya, time to go Barney.

2 – Martha Coakly – our lovely Attorney General.  She lost to Scott Brown for Ted's old spot in the Senate.  Time to send her home.  This is the AG that told a dad who hit a guy groping his son in the men's room that we don't support self help here.  She is driving up the price of guns with her unconstitutional lists of guns that are OK to sell to us civilians in MA – Note the cops can buy anything they want cause they are better than us. . . . She is also the one that has repeatedly ignored calls for corruption investigations on Beacon Hill. . . So the FBI moved in and caught a few folks instead.  Sorry Martha you need a new job too. . .

3 – William Delahunt has seen the writing on the wall and is not running again. . . So the Dems have dug up all sorts of crap on Jeff Perry to try to keep the seat in Dem hands.  Lets look at the facts.  They accuse him of involvement in an illegal strip search of a 14 year old girl.  The fact is another officer was tried and convicted of the crime.  No action was taken against then officer Perry by the courts, or the police department where he worked.  He was found to not have been involved.  In fact there was not even a civil suit against him. . . Nothing at all because the facts showed he was not aware of the assault and did not take part in it in any way. . . . Nice try.  And this from the party that kept supporting Ted "drowned them in the back seat" Kennedy a known murderer.

4 – Deval Patrick our lovely governor who has overseen eight tax increases during his four years.  That is one every six months folks. . .  Don't know about you but I don't have the spare change to keep this up. . . His first acts on taking office?  He blew millions on redoing the governor office,  bought a new Cadillac Limo, and got his wife a secretary on state funds. . . . and let's not forget the friends he hired to fill positions at six figure pay that had been vacant for years. . .  .  then you can go on to look at the book deal he worked out instead of dealing with the casino issue, the support he has thrown behind former employers to keep them out of jail for fraud. . .  this guy is a mess. . . .One and Done Deval. . .

So lets go folks, time to vote out the socialists and remind them that they work for us the people, not the other way around.  I don't care about the party you represent – if you are not conservative, support the Constitution, and protect my rights I want you voted out of office.

Can't wait to vote next Tuesday!

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