Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Obama Affect - how inexperence is sinking our country

Watching a bit of news at lunch and all I can say is "what did you expect??"

Stocks are going down
House prices are falling
The oil spill is not getting fixed
Incomes have stagnated

Well folks, what did you expect?  You knew going into the election in
'08 that we were in trouble so what did you do?  You elected a guy
that never worked a day in his life, had everything handed to him, and
always had someone else to make the decisions for him. . . . Did you
really think he would FIX anything?

No, I am not surprised at all that things are getting worse not
better.  I just hope things go the right way in November and we put a
stop to this mess.

On the bright side crime is down and Obama can have credit for that
one – he has increased gun sales in this country like never before.
With all the press about folks buy and carrying guns crime went down.
. .  no shocker there .

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