Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Politically Correct can get us killed

From CNN

This is a great article on how being too PC is bad for us. You can see it time and again as the terrorists attack us on our own soil. The Lame Steam Media keeps telling us not to jump to any conclusions, it may be a Tea Party terrorist and time and again they turn out to be Radical Muslims who have had contact with terror groups in the Middle East.

Of course we don’t want to get that info out now do we?? Folks may profile and where would that get us. God knows we don’t want to learn from Israel on how to deal with terrorists, they don’t know what they are doing do they. . . .

Give it a read. Really is something to think about when even some of the media is starting to see the light on being Politically Correct. . . . how long until Obama gets it (I know NEVER)

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JD said...

The media is once again doing all it can to support Obama. Heck, if folks knew the facts they may expect to exercise thier rights, like the second amendment and then were would be? And what if folks lost faith in the ONE? Obama may not get re-elected then (like he has a chance now. . . .)