Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey Greece, Your BROKE!

This makes me sick.  The country is all but bankrupt, needed to be bailed out by the EU and what do the "public servants" do?  Well riot in the streets over cuts of course!  They obviously have liberal brain issues.

Folks, get over it.  Face the fact that your country is out of money because they have too many of you on the public payroll doing too many hack jobs.  (I can see Massachusetts in the same position soon)

But no, they want the money to bail out the country but they don't want to fix any of the issues that caused the problems.  Once again you have the unions and the socialists with unreal views of reality and when they are proven to fail, they want someone else to pay the bill so they can do it again. . . . see if we do it harder this time it will work right?

The US needs to learn from Greece.  We are heading the same way with all the public money (read tax payer money) being thrown around and down the rat hole of the welfare state.  We have some hard and unpopular decision to make such as cutting hand outs, cutting welfare, killing the new health law, and stopping illegal's from coming into the country.  If we fail to learn from Greece then our path  can only take us to the same place.  We need to learn from this and make the cuts now.  Will it hurt? sure.  Do we have a choice – only when we do it, not if. . . .

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