Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now that is the Hope and Change I am talking about

Gotta love this article

Even in MA, one of the Bluest states around they are running in fear of Obama! The Dems here don't want him to visit. . .. they know they are in trouble and it is because of him. They fear this next election as they should. Never thought I would live to see the day that the MA Dems would not be falling all over themselves to be like Obama. I hope this translates into a loss for them and our fool Governor Patrick (an Obama clone or vice versa since Patrick got in first)

Obama has been a great POTUS for this country. Just like Jimmy Carter he has shown us how bad the left is and how much they hate us. He has put the fear of the left into the people who can see he and his friends are out to destroy our way of life. He has shown us how much he hates and ignores our Constitution when it gets in the way of his Socialist agenda. This is GREAT!

Why? because folks are waking up! The left has been running loose since the Sixties, some will say since the Twentys and now it is time to stop them. They had the chance to show us they were right and all they did was push us into another depression. Just look at Europe, that is what they want to turn the US into. Europe is on the brink of bankruptcy. Some of the states like Greece and Spain. If we don’t kick out the socialist like Obama now that will be us in less than 10 years.

Socialism does not work, it never did. It was only a power play so the few could rule the rest and it failed. All over. . . . Europe, the USSR, China. . .. . it don’t work and now Obama has us waking up to the fact that he wants that here.

He has been so bold as to bring in the President of Mexico and let him tell us how to run things. He wants our guns because of the violence in Mexico. Sorry Mexico, all I can say is shut the fuck up! We don’t take orders from petty third world powers that are so corrupt that the cops are not even safe walking the street. And Obama is listening to this fool.

All of this adds up to once again showing the people of this country that Obama is just a Chicago thug who thinks he is better than us, and should be in power. We all should just do as he says.

Thank God this is America and it don’t work that way here. You are done Obama, you own party does not even want your help. The next elections will be a day of reckoning for incumbents. They will be voted out of office all over. It has started already! The people are awake now and we will use every vote to take our country back. Thank you Obama for waking us up. I know it is not want you want, but it is what the patriots of this country have been waiting for.

Now if we could just impeach him after the election and removed him from office that would be the ultimate in victory for the USA!

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