Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wish list

Got talking with my brother in law yesterday about guns as my nephew is going to be 21 soon and is talking about getting his permit to carry. Well, things went around as we talked about what we have and what we are looking to get so I decided to post my wish list like so many other gun blogger have. . . .

In order that I will probably get them (when I have the $$)

AR-15 – got to get one before the Dems get back into power and push another assault weapons ban through. Sorry, it didn’t do sh*t last time and another ban won’t help. Why can’t we learn prohibition don’t work (see US 18th Amendment 1920-1933)

1911 – want for a carry pistol and because I always like the look and power of this gun. Just a great design

Springfield 1861 – Ya, a black powder. I want a modern one I can fire. This is what the Union was carrying in the Civil War.

Vaquero in .45 Long Colt – gotta love the cowboy guns, even if it is a modern make/copy. I have fired one before and they have a nice feel and good cowboy look for a nice single action gun. May need two so I can get into the cowboy shoots around here.

Shotgun – most likely 12 gauge. Again may need two, one for skeet/home defense and one for cowboy shoots.

After that who knows. . . the Glocks and Smith & Wesson carry guns look nice, I may have to look for one in 9mm or .40 cal that is smaller than the 1911 for a carry gun. My current gun is a .380 – a nice piece and very accurate but not much power there. . . . also, an M1 would be nice to have as a piece of history. . ..

Well that is the wish list, shorter than most but I am not into getting guns I can’t find time to use on the range. . . why have it if you don’t have time to shoot it?

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