Friday, October 12, 2007

News BS again

Looks like ABC news is pimping gun stories again. Take a look at this picture topping a story about a kid they caught that they admit MIGHT have gone nuts at a school, he was talking about it but they tell you outright they are not sure he would do anything. He had little ammo and was caught while planning the attack if it was more than just talk.

Now I am all for the good police work and glad they checked it out but this photo is BS. This looks like the kid was armed better than many third world countries. . . read the story and you find out all but three of these are Airsoft air guns! They can't do more than sting a bit if you get hit with the small plastic pellet. He did have a .22 rifle and pistol along with a 9mm semi-automatic rifle (which means it is NOT an assault rifle folks. . . it is not automatic) He only had ammo for the .22s.

Now I am glad he got caught but I am really PO's at the way this picture makes it look. This is another great example of folks blowing the effectiveness of their actions way out of proportion.
1- The cops got him before he could do anything
2 - He did not have much for ammo
3- Most of the guns you see in the photo are TOYS, not real
That includes the AK-47 and shot guns they are showing off. . .

This is how you turn a small story into a big one so you can show off how to mislead the sheep into thinking you have it all under control. . . .

Good catch guys, but you need to admit he was not as dangerous as you are trying to play him. . .

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