Thursday, June 9, 2011

Zero Tolerance Policy

After years of this Bull, the liberals in the school systems are finally admitting that "Zero Tolerance" policy's may not work. . .

You hear that?  The main stream media is reporting they may not work. . . . .


We may actually be winning finally.  After all of this I wonder why the admission?  Did enough of their kids get caught up in this BS that they finally felt the pain?  Or have things finally gotten to the point where they can't hid the numbers any more showing the failure. .  .

This is a good thing - common sense is slowly returning to our schools.  Zero Tolerance is the refuge of the fool.  Only those who can't see beyond black and white would agree with it's use.

Think they are a good thing?  Then how do you explain the use of these results:
kids suspended from school for drawing army men
kids suspended from school for bring a GI Joe to school (he has a plastic gun, so violates gun policy)
kids suspended from school for allergy meds given to him by parent

I could go on buy you get the point.

All Zero Tolerance has gotten us is good kids with bad school records, trouble getting into college or private high school, and lots of drop outs who can see they are getting screwed.

The left is slowly loosing folks, this may be the single great act of Obama . . . revealing the left for the failure it is to the whole country. . . . .

Now if we could get them to go back to teaching the important stuff like when we were kids instead of "new" math we would really get someplace. . .

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