Sunday, June 12, 2011

Al Qaeda, Gun Shows and the Media

And coming as no surprise to anyone, the Main Stream Media has fallen in with Al Qaeda and is parroting their taking points word for word.

Al Qaeda in an attempt to further dis-arm us and in showing it's desperation at coming up with some kind of attack in the US they are calling for a loan wolf attack here.  And to make it happen they are saying "go to a gun show and buy automatic weapons and attack the US"

Folks, the media is all over this as they can (and are) using it to push for more gun control.  They have signed on 100% for this lie and are pushing it.

Lets get this straight shall we?  You can not walk into a gun show and buy an automatic weapon.  ANYWHERE!

The laws around automatics are numerous and federal, so you can't just go over the state line to get one.  You have to jump through many many hoops on the fed level, such as paying fees, getting background checks and all that good stuff.  The only folks that can buy an automatic weapon have been thoroughly checked by the Fed. . .  Of course if you are up on Operation Gun Walker you know the Fed likes to give guns to the bad guys to push their anti gun agenda but that is another story.

To make a long story short, no, you can not get the guns and bombs Al Qaeda says you can at a gun show or gun shop.  It don't work that way.

Remember, gun control is not about the guns, it is about the control.  We are well armed and getting even better armed every day.  This is a problem for Al Qaeda and the loan wolf idea.  They know that. . . . One armed citizen can turn their great attack into a minor news story by taking out their lone wolf.  They need to fix that and the way to do it is to take our guns away.  Don't let them.  We won't.

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