Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't buy a Kohler toilet

At least not if you ever want to replace the seat. .  .

Took me four trips to the local hardware store and an Internet search to find out that you can't replace a broken seat on these.  You need their special tool since you can't get to the back of the bolt to take it off. . .

So after an afternoon of back and forth, I cut the seat off, broke the bolts loose, and ended up getting a new seat and mounting it with the biggest anchors I could find and the bolts from the new seat.  It works but what a pain.

I will NEVER by another Kohler toilet.  Talk about a bad design. . .  and for the price I paid them. . . . just pisses me off.

And I learned that all the innered are special and pricey too. . .

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