Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama was Born

OK, can we move on now??
I wish as much as anyone he was not a Citizen and we could remove him from office, but it is not to be. . . . It never was folks.  No one has ever said that his Mother was not a US Citizen, so he is a citizen.  DONE LETS MOVE ON!
What I don't get is why he finally released this info. . .  It looked like it would have been in his best interest to stay quiet and let the right go nuts over it.  The more noise folks made about it the more they looked like nuts, and the more independent voters they lost to the cause. . .  .  all good for Obama
So why release the Birth Certificate now?? What does he gain by doing it??  Was someone digging up stuff he didn't want found and he thought this would end it?
Who knows, but I think we still need to dig into all the other records he had sealed.  He is hiding something folks, if he has nothing to hide then why not let us all see the records right?  Isn't that what the left says every time they invade your life?  You got no worries if you didn't do anything wrong so you have nothing to hide right???
So what is he trying to hide??????

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he's trying to build up Trump so all the serious Republicans will be ignored by the media until it's too late?