Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dry Fire

I finally got around to doing some of that dry fire practice I should have been doing for a while now.

One of the best ideas I have gotten (thanks Jay G) was to get a laser and use that to help out.  So I got a laser bore sight and I mount that in my double action Makarov and off I go. . . .

Been doing it for about two weeks now.  I practice a few times a week and I can already see the pay off with the laser not jumping around as much.

This has really worked out well for me.  I can change my grip a bit and see right away how it effects my shot.  I quickly could see how much the laser was jumping because my grip was too loose.  Where it use to jump 2 inches or so to the right when I fired I am now down to a half inch or so. 

My normal practice is to shoot 5, 10  or at the most 20 shots, then take a break so I don't tire my hand and finger too quickly.  After a break I do another set of shots.  This has worked well so far.  Now I need to get to the range and see how this translates to paper. . .  ..

A side effect of this is I am also finding I can watch the front sight and still see the laser better and better as I practice.

I have become a convert!  more dry fire time needed!

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