Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hunting Classes

I have a shooting friend that keeps trying to get me into hunting. I am more of a target shooter and self defense but I can understand hunting. My brothers in law also hunt - well, use to anyway.

Almost went once until I found out they were heading out at 3AM. . . on the weekend. . . . Bit early for me.

Another drawback is in MA you need to take a class on Hunting Safety to get your permit, and at the time I had no idea where to take the class, or the money for it.

Looks like hunting has hit the Internet age. I know folks are trying to get new people into the shooting sports including hunting. And now you can even get class info and online classes for it. . . . Check it out at:

This is really cool. I think it is great to see them roll out online classes. If they had these back when my in laws were trying to talk me into it I may have tried it out.

Anyway I am all for any way to get more folks into any of the shooting sports and this looks like a great way to get the attention of the younger crowed.

Remember, the more folks we get into shooting - no matter which shooting sport, the safer our rights are.  So, if you need info or a class, give the link a click and good hunting!

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