Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gas Prices go UP

Isn't this interesting. .  . Now gas prices are back up where we were told that Bush McHitler pushed them to help his oil pals. . . . except Bush ain't in charge any more. . . So Obama must be in on it right??

Oh no.  The chosen one would never do that.  You see now the news folks are parroting his explanation that there are complex factors that are doing this and he is working to lower them.  These would be the same forces that were at work last time, but then it was Bushes fault. . . . The Media said so. . . .

I love how they change sides so quickly. . ..

I also love how this has nothing to do with the fact that they have devalued the dollar so badly that everything including gas is costing more.  And they have the balls to say there is no or little inflation.

It will be interesting to see where the Media go with this story as they try to save their chosen fool in the White House.  Obama has no clue what is going on (what else is new?) and or how to fix it.  He continues to try to tax and spend his way out of this hole, just digging us all in deeper.

But the Media is key.  They can see that this may sink his second term if they can't find a way to blame someone else.  I am sure there spin machines will be working overtime on trying to deflect this from the chosen one.  Going to be a fun ride to 2012. . . .

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